Thursday, February 11, 2010

Egyptian Joke . . .

I had a friend over tonight and he taught me an Egyptian joke. So I thought I'd share it with you.

There was a young boy who lived with his father. His mother had died some years before. One day the boy said to his father, "I have to pee." His father told him, "Don't say, 'I have to pee' because it's not polite and other people might hear you. Just say, 'I have to whistle' and I'll understand what you mean." So as time went on, the boy learned to say, "I have to whistle" whenever he needed to pee.

One day the father's job took him out of town for a few days. So the father took his son to stay at his grandfather's house while he was gone. When everyone laid down to sleep the boy said to his grandfather, "I have to whistle." But his grandfather said, "You can't. Everyone's asleep and you'll wake them up. Go to sleep." So the boy went to sleep. But he woke up a little while later and told his grandfather, "I have to whistle right now." But his grandfather told him again, "No way! You can't whistle right now. Go back to sleep." So the little boy tried to sleep, but couldn't. So he woke his grandfather up again and told him, "You don't understand. I have to whistle right now!" So his grandfather said, "Okay, fine. You can whistle right here in my ear . . ."

And, that's the joke. Hope you enjoyed it . . .

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