Sunday, May 31, 2009


Okay, I need to teach you guys a valuable lesson that I learned this weekend. Rugby and asphalt do not mix well!! Hence the picture . . . Yikes! I was heading out to Dahab with some friends for the weekend, and was waiting for our bus to arrive. We had a rugby ball and some extra time, so we were playing in the parking lot. Long story short, I took a pretty good fall on the pavement. But don't worry . . . I broke my fall with my face . . . so I'm fine!

It's funny, I was laying on the ground right after it happened, and was wishing that I had a video of it. Just being able to see it would have made the experience worth it. But, no worries. I'm hard-headed enough that no real damage was done. I think I'm lucky I still have all my teeth and didn't break anything.


  1. dude put some clothes on! Gees!

  2. Dave, cant believe it!! Soccer is alot better!!
    Hope u ge well!!