Saturday, July 17, 2010

Odd combination . . .

Hey guys,

So, I've got a friend who works at one of the hotels in town making bedouin coffee. He's from a small village in the south of the country, and is a pretty cool guy. I hang out with him every few days. I was visiting him a couple of nights ago, sitting on the ground, leaning on a camel saddle, slowly roasting coffee beans over a fire. If you closed your eyes, you'd feel like you were in the middle of the desert. It was a wonderful time.

Anyway, I spent a few hours with him, then was heading back to my place. I heard some music, and I could tell it was a live band. The drums are always the give-away for me. Anyway, I wandered over and found a band from New Zealand playing in front of the hotel. I stood and watched them for a while, then headed home. It just seemed like a very odd combination of activities for one day. Hanging out with a bedouin, roasting coffee; then hanging out with lots of foreigners, listening to a live band. They were a great band though!

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