Thursday, July 1, 2010

I swear I know you!

Okay guys, funny story from the last week.

I needed a vacation. I feel guilty saying it since I live at the beach, but I had to get out of town for a couple days last week. I realized that I hadn't left my town in about seven months, and was culture-shocking pretty hard. So I took a couple days to meet up with some friends in the Sinai. It was a great time, getting to wear shorts and all! :)

Anyway, I was waiting at the Sharm El Sheikh airport for my flight back. I saw a lady sitting at the gate who looked really familiar. She looked like someone that I used to work with in Oregon. I wasn't sure if she was who I thought she was, so I sat somewhere where I could look a little closer without being too obvious. (Yes, I know this makes me sound like a stalker!) She had her head down, but when she looked up I was certain. She even had a mole in the same place as my friend, so I was positive it was her. We took a short bus ride from the terminal to the plane, so on the bus I approached her and introduced myself.

She waved me off without even really acknowledging me. Okay, fair enough. A single lady in Egypt probably gets approached by dozens of strange men every day. So it was no big surprise that she didn't want to talk to me. But on the flight she was sitting directly across the aisle from me. And of course I peeked during the flight.

We get to our destination, and we're all standing around waiting for our baggage. At this point our mystery lady takes off her shawl and I see the same tattoo that my friend has. So I decide that I've got to try again. So I walk over to her, only to get blown off again. Okay, fair enough. I blow off tons of total strangers every day.

I get my bag, go outside, and get a taxi. As I'm loading up my bag, I see mystery-lady negotiating with the taxi parked next to me. She gives me an odd look as my taxi drives away. So I'm still curious. Was this lady who I thought she was, or am I totally out in left field?

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