Friday, February 27, 2009


So, I got to go to the pyramids for free today. I've been running in the morning with a couple of friends for the last month or so. Last week I found out about a foot-race that a German school was putting on as a fundraiser. It only cost a couple bucks, so I thought I'd run. It was at the pyramids this morning. We had to be there by eight in the morning. Because we were running, they didn't charge me any money to get into the pyramids. It was a really cool time. About a thousand people ran, and I got 21st place. I was pretty excited!

The cool part was that there was a sandstorm right at the end of the race. We were on the border of the desert, and it got really windy right at the end. It was like swimming through sand, but cool nonetheless.

No pictures though, sorry . . .

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