Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pit stop

Just a quick update. I made it back from Kenya safe and sound. No problems going through customs or anything like that. The meeting was a really good time. I found out a lot of information that would have taken me a really long time to figure out on my own. I also had a really neat last night in Nairobi. I got to eat ostrich and crocodile, which was pretty cool. The picture is me waiting for my flight back to Cairo from Nairobi.

I got back to Cairo yesterday morning, hung out for the day, and am about to get on a bus to head down to Marsa Alam. It's a town on the Red Sea coast. I'm planning to spend a couple of days there, then come back and start classes again on Monday. Should be a good time. I've got to find some time to study though before classes start. Wish me luck . . .

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