Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shazzam! Brand new start!

Hello everyone!

So, I'm in a brand new town, trying to figure out how life works here.  I've been here on the Red Sea coast for the last couple of days.  I think I got in two night ago.  Anyway, it was a mad rush to try and find an apartment before it got REALLY expensive living at a hotel.  Good news!  We found one!  It took us almost a month to find a place when we first got to Cairo.  But we managed to find one and get moved in in less that 24 hours here. 

Just figuring out how to do life in a new town is kind of a bummer.  I've realized that as much as I rebel against a schedule any time that I have one, I really am a creature of habit at heart.  (Mom, if you're reading this - stop laughing!)  This from the man who hasn't been on time to anything for the last two years :)  Leaving behind friends in Cairo was tough.  But I've been invited to a wedding in Cairo in about a month, so I think I'll be heading back for that.

In Cairo there was a really big community of ex-pats.  So finding friendship and relationship was pretty easy.  But it's been a little tougher here.  There aren't many ex-pats here, so finding community has been a little harder.  Most of my social interactions are in arabic too, which definitely limits my ability to interact.  It's strange.  I think I'm kind of a funny guy when I'm speaking english, but I just don't come across as funny in arabic.  It's hard to speak freely and crack jokes when you have to think about everything you say to make sure it makes sense.

No pictures this time, but I'll try to get some up in the next couple of days.  Au revoir . . .  (Yes that's French for you Jerome!)

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