Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a savage!

I think I scored some man points today. I'd been talking to a friend yesterday, and he said the he knew where we could buy a rabbit. So we decided to buy a rabbit for dinner. But when we went to the market today, it turned out that the rabbits were more expensive than we thought (about $10). So we bought a chicken instead. I got some great looks carrying a live chicken through the streets of Cairo!

I took it back to a friend's house, killed it, cleaned it, then made dinner for my friends. It was a pretty cool evening. It was nice to take a meal all the way through from butchering to eating. And the food definitely tastes better when you get to kill it yourself (sorry vegetarians . . .).

I'd planned to name the chicken before killing it, then give it it's last rites, but I forgot to. I've been reading "Angela's Ashes" lately, and there's a part where the main character finds out that the proper name for last rites in the Catholic church is called "Extreme Unction." I thought it would be cool to be able to say that I performed extreme unction on a chicken, but got too involved in the butchering to remember to do it.

Enjoy the pic, guy . . .

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  1. Hi Dave, I wanted to let you know that your "Chicken" blog gave me quite a chuckle. I still enjoy reading it again. Laughter is always my best medicine. Now you promised to cook me a meal when you get back home, please bring fresh chicken!!!
    I love the blog, the all makes you feel a lot closer then you are and is a great reminder to talk to Dad about you. Your Mom helped me make my way through the maze of being able to post to your blog. Now I have another e-mail and a blog...I am to old for this stuff...give me a stamp any day.
    With affection