Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to childhood

Hey guys. Welcome to my blog!

I've been in Cairo for a little over two months now, and feel like I'm finally ge
tting settled in. It's a strange thing, being a foreigner in another country. Coming here to visit and coming here to live have been totally different experiences. It's funny. Sometimes I feel like Iike Cairo is my home, and that I've been here forever. And at other times I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I live here. I can start to understand why God has so much to say about the treatment of foreigners in the Bible. And I can also understand why so many of the immigrant communities in the States are so tight-knit. It's a really comforting thing to be around people that think and act the way that you do.

I think the most recent noteworthy event is that I bought a pet last week. There's a place in my part of town (Hadayik el Maadi) called road 9. It's a pretty neat place with a lot of neat shops and fruit stands. I found a small pet store, and went in with some friends. Long story short, I bought two small turtles. Rasheed and Francis. So they're keeping me company in the flat right now. They've been fun to have around.

Today's the last day of my weekend, so it's back to class tomorrow. I can't remember which class I have tomorrow, so I did the homework for all of my classes just in case!

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  1. Dave I am glad your on here! I hope you can keep it up!