Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yams, goats, cell phones, and acceptance . . .

Hi guys, A couple of the latest random experiences. I was walking around town last night and smelled possibly the best smell since I've been in Egypt. It was a guy pushing a cart around selling roasted yams. He had a little wood stove burning in his cart. I used to live in a house where we used a wood stove to heat in the winter, so I love the smell of a wood fire burning. Between the smell of the fire and the sweet smell of the yams, I was loving it!

One of my neighbors has started herding goats recently. I think he's going to try to raise them and sell them for the next big feast, which is in a couple of weeks. I used to wonder why young goats are called 'kids,' but I think I've figured it out. Sometimes when goats make noise, they sound exactly like a small child. I woke up yesterday morning because of some noise outside the window. It sounded like someone was torturing a small child, but when I looked outside I realized that it was just two goats playing. Kind of a surprise.

I saw something this morning that made me laugh. It was the ultimate example of a short-sighted decision. I was riding in a micro-bus, and saw two guys fighting on the side of the road. One of the guys was running away from the other one. The other guy took his cell phone out of his pocket and threw it at the first guy. He missed, and his phone hit the ground and shattered into many tiny little pieces. He got even angrier, and I couldn't help laughing.

I was showing some of my friends here pictures of my home back in Oregon. They saw all of the mountains and trees, and decided that I'm a bedouin. I was walking around town with one of them today, and another guy asked my friend why he was walking around with a foreigner. My friend told him, "he's not a foreigner, he's a bedouin. He's just a white bedouin." It made me smile. I hope you enjoy the photo of the white bedouin! :)

Okay guys, that's it for now. Peace . . .

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  1. LOVED the post and the picture! Look forward to seeing you soon!!! Would you believe, I actually posted my FIRST post yesterday.