Saturday, August 8, 2009

Umm, merry christmas??

Hey everyone!

Okay, I was talking to my family on skype yesterday and my mom told me that I hadn't updated my blog in way too long. And when your mom tells you that you haven't blogged in a while, you know it's been a LONG TIME!! Sorry mom!

So, the news . . . Well, I'm 32 years old as of yesterday. (Does that sound as old to you as it does to me?) I'm back in Egypt and enjoying being back home. I hadn't realized how accustomed I had gotten to life in Egypt until I was in the western world for a while. Simple things like traffic signals and being places on time seemed foreign. It's nice to be back in the land where nothing happens on time and everything else makes sense! :)

So, you get random gifts when you live here. I just got back from a friend's house. He gave me an old film camera that he found floating in the ocean last month. Why? That's a really good question. I don't know either.

But, on the up-side of the news. I think I may have found a new language helper in the town that I live in. I met a guy who said he knows someone who would be willing to teach me the local dialect. He's supposed to be getting into town tomorrow. So with any luck, I'll be learning the local dialect within a couple of days. No more sounding like a foreigner! Well, besides the fact that I'm obviously a foreigner! :)

Okay, that's it for now. Oh, one more thing. I was swimming in the ocean this morning and a clown-fish bit me. You know Nemo from the movie "Finding Nemo?" Yeah, him. He bit me! Must've been really hungry. But, no blood no foul. Hope you're all doing well . . .

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  1. Dave, happy belated birthday! Did you have some koshari to celebrate?
    Honestly, I have an easier time imagining you living in Egypt than, say, New York City. (although some parts of NY could definitely seem like the middle east)