Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random events of the day . . .

Hey guys,

Just realized that I haven't written anything in forever!

Happy Palm Sunday. I know it's Easter in the States, but our calendar is a little behind here. So today is Palm Sunday for us. Or, "Had el z'Af" in Arabic.

Okay, random events of the day. I saw two car accidents while I was walking down the street today. Honestly, not all that unusual. In fact, that's a pretty standard occurrence around here. But here's the strange part, nobody got out and yelled today. Usually that's the first thing that happens when there's a wreck. People start yelling, then get around to figuring out whose fault it is later. But today, no yelling. Kind of a surprise.

I also finished grading my English students final exams today. They all passed! I was actually pretty excited. There were one or two that I thought might not make it. But they all passed, and I was really proud of them. There's one that still has to take her final next week, but I'm pretty confident she'll pass too.

Okay, I gotta run. I've got laundry to hang out and food to eat. A friend invited me over for dinner. I'm supposed to be there in about three minutes and it's a twenty minute walk away. Oops, I'm becoming Egyptian!

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  1. Hey man.

    I just got back from Desert Canyoneering with the team down here in Bishop. There were a few times I thought of you. Hope your doing good man.